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Decibel Testing my Power Tools: How Loud is Loud?

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Power tool decibel ratings/measurements are not required to be published and I have had difficulty finding them for a lot of tools. I got a decibel meter because I was curious how loud my tools are. Here are the results!

Some factors affecting the results: this is not an audio engineer-quality decibel meter, and I did this in my closed 2-car garage. However, the values don’t seem wildly off.


I love how quiet my band saw and drill press are. Belt-drive table saws are also relatively quiet, but belt-driven table saws are the bigger ones that are at least $800 from what I’ve seen — all the cheaper ones are direct drive which is very loud.

It has come to be expected that power tools are incredibly loud, but a lot of people still don’t use hearing protection. I think tool manufacturers should put more effort into making their tools quieter, because why not? There are some quiet shop vacuums out there with soundproofing built in, which is definitely a step in the right direction and may be my next upgrade.

Power Tool Decibels

Ridgid WD1060 shop vacuum: ~96 db
Wen 3959 band saw: ~ 78 db
Ryobi TSS103 sliding miter saw: ~114 db
Air dancer: ~95 db
DeWalt DWE575 circular saw: ~106 db
Ryobi CSB123 circular saw: ~114 db
DeWalt DCS334B jigsaw: 70-102 db depending on speed
DeWalt DCW210B orbital sander: 78-94 db depending on speed
DeWalt DCD781B drill/driver: 83-96 db depending on speed (and I also moved it back halfway through)
Roborock S4 Max Robot Vacuum: ~70 db

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